Thursday, July 15, 2004

Adnan Sami Sues Immigration Canada For $30 Million

Community News - Weekly Voice: "The origin of the case goes back to the mid-90s when Zeba and Adnan went through a messy split and Adnan who claimed he had custody of Azan moved away to Dubai and later to the States to settle down for a long stint in the Oakville home of his parents, the bad feelings only grew worse. Zeba, well-connected within the Pakistani elite, found out about Adnan's Canadian sojourn through the services of a private detective she hired. Armed with another custodial order from a Labore court, she landed in Canada and the local authorities swung into action within hours.

Adnan Sami was taken into custody by armed policemen and detained while his four-year old son was snatched from his home and given away to his estranged wife and the mother of the boy Azan, Zeba Bakhtiar."

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