Monday, January 30, 2006

A new journalism takes root after riots

A new journalism takes root after riots - Technology - International Herald Tribune: " At the height of the riots in early November, the Swiss weekly L'Hebdo decided that its initial articles had not gone far enough in helping readers understand what was happening in France. So the editors chose the town of Bondy, in the suburbs of Paris, and started sending reporters there on rotations of seven to 10 days.

Working from a tiny room they called the "Bondy microbureau," which they borrowed from the local soccer club, the reporters have been doing a lot more than filing their typical weekly stories for the magazine, which is based in Lausanne and has a circulation of 44,000.

They have been posting short and long reports several times a day, as well as photographs, on what has become known as the Bondy Blog,

They have picked up tiny, yet revealing, bits of reality. A reporter, for example, checked the browser history on a computer in an Internet café to see what people had searched for on Google. (Ronaldo; young "beurettes" - girls of North African descent; clinics performing circumcision; software; how to meet Arab women.)

Closing the loop, the project will be financed in very "old media" way: A major French publisher will turn the Bondy Blog into a book, and the proceeds will go toward supporting blogging in the banlieue."

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