Sunday, May 27, 2007

Aparna Sen brings 'The Japanese Wife' to Kolkata

Sourav Sanyal: "Aparna Sen's latest film The Japanese Wife, takes one back to the time when pen-pals was the big thing. The film is being shot in Kolkata currently and starring opposite Rahul Bose is a little known Japanese actress Chigusa Takaku who plays The Japanese Wife. The two fall in love via snail mail, and even get married but never meet.

In reel life, Miyagi and Snehamoy never meet, they are pen-pals who fall in love with each other, even get married long distance and continue that way for life. The film is based on an unpublished novel by Oxford professor Kunal Basu.

Snehamoy is a Maths teacher at a school in remote Sunderbans who falls in love with Myagi. When they exchange marriage vows through letters, Myagi sends a box of kites to her love as a wedding gift.

Raima plays the role of Sandhya - a widow and the mother of an eight-year-old who shares domesticity with Snehamoy but no intimacy. Though improbable, this triangular love story is sure to touch a million hearts in India and Japan."

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