Sunday, June 03, 2007

Brahmins In India :

Brahmins In India :

Tamil nadu - 1%


Total Population: 5.6 crore
Poor Brahmins: 13%
Rich: 19%
Literacy levels above the age of 18: 84%
Graduates: 39%
Brahmin chief justices between 1950 to 2000: 47%
Associate justices between 1950-2000: 40%

Down in the Cow-belt

Falling percentage of Brahmin MPs elected in the Hindi belt

1984: 19.91%
1989: 12.44%
1998: 12.44%
1999: 11.3%
2007: The present Lok Sabha has only 50 Brahmin MPs nationwide. That’s 9.17 per cent of the total strength of the House.

Once More For The Twice-Born : "After years in a limbo, the Brahmins have found a political voice. And every party is eager to hear it.
Saba Naqvi Bhaumik"

For Work Is Worship : "Poverty knows no caste. Many Brahmins eke out a living cleaning toilets, pulling rickshaws.
Anuradha Raman"

The Durbar Hall Pundits : "Despite some inroads, the bureaucracy is still Brahmin-heavy"

The Thread Is Thin : "Brahmins here are too few, too middle class to be a political force
Sugata Srinivasaraju"

This Forge Is Too Muddy

* There is a quiet introspection about the Mayawati effect
* There’s scepticism, do Brahmins have the numbers to count?
* A sizeable number of Brahmins constitute the middle and upper classes, and they aren’t interested in politics
* In the South, the Brahmins’ rural population is minuscule
* Dalits aren’t united, difficult to forge an alliance with


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