Tuesday, March 04, 2008

CDF rules feminist-inspired baptisms invalid

CDF rules feminist-inspired baptisms invalid: "The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) issued a correction today to those who use feminist-inspired non-Trinitarian formulas for baptizing children, declaring that those baptized in this way are, in fact, not baptized.

The teachings, which were made public today, are in response to two different questions sent to the Church’s doctrinal authority. The first question is: 'Is a Baptism valid if conferred with the words 'I baptise you in the name of the Creator, and of the Redeemer, and of the Sanctifier', or 'I baptise you in the name of the Creator, and of the Liberator, and of the Sustainer''?

The second question is: 'Must people baptised with those formulae be baptised 'in forma absoluta'?'

As is traditionally done, the CDF responded with a simple positive or negative ruling saying, 'To the first question, negative; to the second question, affirmative'."

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