Wednesday, March 05, 2008

With McCain Atop Ticket, Talk Shifts to Spot No. 2 - By MICHAEL COOPER

With McCain Atop Ticket, Talk Shifts to Spot No. 2 - New York Times: "Several governors have been mentioned as potential running mates; their executive experience and ability to cast themselves as Washington outsiders are perceived as strengths. They include Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, an early supporter; Charlie Crist of Florida, whose last-minute endorsement helped Mr. McCain win that crucial swing state’s primary; Jon Huntsman Jr. of Utah, an early supporter despite Mitt Romney’s popularity in his state; and Mark Sanford of South Carolina, whose conservative reputation could help Mr. McCain with the base but who did not endorse him.

Former governors have been mentioned as well, including Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania, whose support of abortion rights could cause Mr. McCain trouble with conservatives who are already wary of him. Two of his primary opponents — Mr. Romney and Mike Huckabee — also fall into the ex-governor category.

Rob Portman, a former Ohio congressman and director of the Office of Management and Budget, is also mentioned as someone who could bring a financial background to the ticket."

Senator John McCain directed his campaign to study past methods of selecting running mates.

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