Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Ash on 60 Minutes "The interview that is to be telecast Jan 2 on CBS "will mark the first time that 60 Minutes will feature an in depth profile of a Bollywood star", says Neeraj Khemlani who has produced the segment. TV host Sheeraz Hasan has been selected by Aishwarya's international manager to broadcast a promotional clip from the 60 Minutes interview because of his grasp of Hollywood and Bollywood"


Greeshma Satheesh said...

ash was looking absolutely stunning,but the only thing i could,nt figure out was why she was giggling and laughing soooo much about...she should have been a little more modest..more composed like other hollywood actresses!!but anyway..she made it!!so cheers!!

Anonymous said...

Ashwariya looked very pretty, but she seemed very nervous and as she spoke, she seemed more unattractive.
She's got arrogance in her words and really seemed uneasy.

She definetely turned heads, but might raise a few questions more now.

Anonymous said...

oH,she was GIgGlIng a LoT!!!!!
Wonder, why she was doing that!!!!

Anonymous said...

She was amazing. She did a great job. Only thing I din't want to see her was the 'Giggling' part.

Anonymous said...

I think she was more self-conscious and nervous being on an international show.i sthis her firsttime?

anjali said...

Aishwarya was looking great!! but why was she laughing so much ( and that too unnecessarily..) what i thought was when she couldnt answer any particular question, all she did was ...laugh.

Anonymous said...

Aishwarya looked great!!but why was she laughing so much unnecessarily?? I guess when she couldnt answer any question, all she did was laugh..

Anonymous said...

So what's wrong with little gigggggling? She is an actress and kept you guessing, is n't that her job? May be that is the way she is in her real life. Why should she be like so and so ? She was pretty and that's what matters. She dances good !

Anonymous said...

She let us all down. Does this mean she is dumb and beautiful? I thought successful pros like her have media agents who coach them on how to talk to the media. It was very embarassing... May be they shd have Sushmita Sen who can make up for Ash's gaffes

Anonymous said...

I have not seen the show but..from the way people are saying is she was laughing because either she was trying to act or using a litle "AMERICAN"style because thats what americans do laugh ..most of the american actresses laugh alot when on TV shows..may be she might be watching all those videos...and learning..which many indians really dont understand. As everyone must be noticing the shift of how the musics, and movies sound and styles its all american...Never know what people think these days....what they do..and they say.. cannot really know.

Anonymous said...

Ash was giggling unnecessarly,Why she was not train before giving one of the world biggest interview.I know she is beautiful but she ruin it all and sounded dumb by laughing so much just like one of those Blondies in USA

dilkishehzadi said...

Ash: beautiful yes, stunning ?- Yes.

I think anyone can look that good wearing makeup if thats how beauty is defined. She said that she had one mission in her head that she wanted the world to know that we do speak english etc. etc. that is why she went for the miss world competition. and then she says that " they gonna have lotta fun talking about" means indians gonna have fun talking about her.. whatever she is gonna do on hollywood screen. So she wanted the world to know that hey indians do exist and then hey we talk about ppl? i dont know if she was sure which side she wanted to be on.

Plus, it was totally weird that she was laughing without any reason. There shud be some reason atleast but laughing didn't answer bob's questions anyways. Plus, when it comes to hollywood actresses, well ya, smiling is considered a good thing in america but ofcourse that comes with their personality. They don't act during their interviews and are very open when it comes to answering the interview questions. People are encouraged to do positive things and giving smile even to strangers is considered a good/ positive thing. I dont' see any harm. i think that is not the same in india but it depends on ppl too as well.

but whatever.. only good thing ppl saw was, well ya.. she made it..

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what most of u r whinn about? At least she was there presenting indians and w good at heart may be every one of us Indian needs to grow up and not be jealous of whoever makes it there, most important if, all of u who pretends or trying to brag about American's laughing,smiling, giggling, or acting....yes u guys r right but then u r all using it against the person who made it and u couldn't and to that if happen to know u guys really know americans then learn good from them that they appreciate art and persons success
not undermining, insulting, pulling legs just because u can't be there. If u really care for INDIA then try to appriciate what Ash has gain and achieved and help future generation of Indians growing in America not to forget their origin otherwise mocking people like u will aid in vanishing our Art and Culture. Frankly speaking I was born in Africa,raised in India and grew up partially in diff countries but have a sporting spirit like an American who do not put down anyone and comparion is the last thing they do if it is not use as joke. I am an Indian and an American citizen and I teach my kids to learn lots of good things from Americans like patriotism and spiritualism, are same as India but pulling climbing peoples' legs and jealousy is certainly is not in Americans and not in Indian's either but there are still u can find few among Indians who can't do anything neither can they tolerate others success and because of those few India has to suffer a lot! "GROW UP U ALL CCCCCS!"

Boston Bala said...

Thanks for your comments.

I felt it is a program on India and its culture, rather than on an Indian actress.

It started out with a typical gossippy tabloid fasion. Continued with do you have a boyfriend, will you kiss and so on.

I have written a tamil narration of Aishwarya Rai on Sixty Minutes here:
E-TamilShe was clearly uncomfortable and very tense. Being a professional actress for more than ten years now, I expected Aiswarya to present herself better. That was disappointing.

It continued with a visit to the Ganesha Temple, where people were leching at her more than praying towards Vinayaka, the elephant god.

Ash openly spoke about her age, rather didn't mind revealing her thirty year old. Still living with the parents is a South Asian thing. She had justify it with her tense smiles.

about Ashwarya Rai's boyfriend was the next question. She could have answered it in a nice comic satirical way.These questions even would have posed to her or rather rehearsed earlier.

But there was no mention of Salman Khan and no whisper of Vivek Oberoi.

and finally, crossing the bridge metaphor for hollywood love scenes mean only one thing. If money is offered, she is ready to reveal herself completely, hollywood shtyle.

Ash flaunted her cat walk, Hum Dil De chukey sanam songs, fashion paraded. These were typical bollywood Zee Tv type interludes, which were the sole solace of this poor PR.

Better luck Next time to Aishwarya Rai!