Tuesday, February 28, 2006

First Term Cabinet Dissection


Jim Hightower dissected George W Bush's first-term cabinet:

The all-star, all-corporate corporate cabinet: Bush Incorporated is open for Business

"Greetings can be quite unique around the world. I'm told that New Zealand's Maori tribesmen rub noses when they meet, that Tibetans stick out their tongues to say hello, and that some East Africans might say howdy by spitting at your feet.

We the People have now been greeted by the full-fledged presidency of Bush the Second—and while Little George didn't literally spit at us or stick his tongue out at us, he did rub our noses in the fact that Big Money got him intho the White House and, by golly, Big Money is going to govern.

His new presidential cabinet has been hailed as rich in diversity for including four women, one Cuban-American, a couple of African-Americans, a Japanese-American, a Lebanese-American, a Chinese-American, and look!—even a Democrat. But their diversity ends at ethnicity and gender, for the one constant among these new overseers of the federal machinery is that practically all of them have dedicated their careers to advancing corporate interests over working families, the environment, consumers, poor people, family farmers, ordinary taxpayers, and any other people's interests.

Using the smokescreen of multicultural diversity, George's handlers, led by VP Dick Cheney, have assembled a Bush Incorporated that includes four CEOs, several corporate board members, and a couple of corporate lobbyists. One business newsletter hails the cabinet as "an all-star boardroom." Swell, except that government ought to have an outlook far broader than that of a boardroom. The cabinet does not "reflect the diversity of America," as the establishment media has gushed, but the narrow experience, viewpoint, and agenda of Corporate America. "

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