Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Iranian paper to run Holocaust cartoons

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Iranian paper to run Holocaust cartoons: " Iran's trade with Denmark is worth around £160m a year.

In Afghanistan, police opened fire on 2,000 protesters as they tried to break into the main US base in Bagram, north of Kabul, killing two and wounding five, said local chief Kabir Ahmed. No US soldiers were involved. Another two demonstrators died in the central town of Mehtarlam, after police fired live rounds into a crowd of demonstrators burning tyres and hurling rocks. A shot from within the crowd provoked the police into shooting, officials said.

An Austrian newspaper, Kleine Zeitung, became the latest European publication to print the controversial cartoons.

The cartoons have been published in virtually every major country across Europe - except Britain. Ukrainian papers published the cartoons yesterday, joining Denmark, Norway, France, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Poland.

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