Thursday, February 02, 2006

Is anyone afraid of Internet anonymity

Digital Dialogue: Is anyone afraid of Internet anonymity? - Technology - International Herald Tribune

I used Anonymizer when it was still working normally. But that was quite a few years ago, when the users in Bulgaria were known to one another.

With the spread of information and a billion users, anonymous access is pointless. The best things to do, in order not to need to use anonymity.

Vladimir Putin is online before a group of reporters. He reads out loud: "A question came, anonymously, 'Hey, Vova,' it says, 'are you not scared by the anonymous users on the Internet?"'

Putin looks at the journalists and writes (and reads aloud) the response: "To the author of the anonymous question, the user with IP address, using the Internet service provider, living on Lenin Prospekt 3, floor 2, apartment 8, Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov, I respond: No, I am not scared by the anonymous users on the Internet."

People in the United States should be more scared by lack of anonymity than people in Europe.

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