Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sailor beaten to death in oil tanker over ‘cartoons’

Khaleej Times Online: "A sailor was allegedly beaten to death by his colleagues on board a Norwegian oil tanker in the international waters off the coast of Fujairah, following an argument over the blasphemous cartoon published on Prophet Mohammed in a Danish daily recently. According to reliable sources, the fight among the seamen, which caused the death of one sailor, emerged after an argument between them over their differences of opinions over the slanderous and blasphemous cartoon on Prophet Mohammed.

A source from the Indian Consulate in Dubai confirmed the death of 31-year-old Sudheer Nonia Jagannathan, hailing from Mumbai.

The source disclosed that all the crew in the ship was from India. The ship was coming from New Manglore Port in Karnataka in India to Fujairah with chemicals. The deceased was working as a fitter on the ship."

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