Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sena men break hearts, and limbs

Sena men break hearts, and limbs- The Times of India: " Nalla Sopara resident Vipul Patel had organised the party under the banner of Sir John Music Group, which he started after the death of his brother, an avid dancer, in a road accident two years ago.

The group arranged a cultural programme on Valentine's Day and invited friends and acquaintances for a dance followed by snacks.

The event was advertised by word of mouth and was open to married couples, children as well as senior citizens. On Tuesday night, there were about 25 women and 30 children present at the venue at Hotel Vraj when the incident occurred.

A mob of 60 Shiv Sainiks, armed with hockey sticks and rods, descended on a private party at Nallasopara on Tuesday and beat up women and children, ripped off their clothes, stole their jewellery and mobile phones and sent a few of the men to hospital. "

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