Sunday, March 12, 2006

The 5 Possible Reponses and the Conversational Blogosphere


1) The Chorus: I agree, with little additional content. These were good for page views, but didn't do much to further the conversation.

2) The Heckler: You're wrong and/or an idiot. These were even better for page views, and only helped the conversation a little by forcing a response.

3) The Critic: I think you are partly right, but what about this. These were the best replies of all, because generally they initiated a semi-thoughtful discussion and debate.

4) The Hijacker: I know you're talking about that, but what do you think about this. Things can get chaotic, but not as badly as you might think because the hijacker either fails and gets ignored or succeeds and the conversation just takes a right turn and continues, just like they sometimes do around the dinner table.

5) The Hater: I don't just want to join in- I just want to be disruptive and aggressive and attack people. These folks generally got banned from our message boards at some point.

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