Wednesday, March 15, 2006

America breeds cutthroat rivalry

Daily Collegian - America breeds cutthroat rivalry : Sanam Hakim: "Competition is essentially the root of progress in this country. Capitalism works, and it works really well. If you keep people competing, the best workers will emerge and the best products will be circulated in the best way. Competition brings about progress.

However, competition also implies that some will succeed and some will not. Unfortunately for this country, that decision of who will not succeed was made from the start when a nation full of Native Americans were murdered, and essentially built over, and when thousands of Africans were shipped in as products to do the building.

A shaky foundation such as ours can never hold up a nation, no matter how powerful and strong it may appear, and that is proving to be true as the years go on. Competing businesses quickly turned into corporate monopolies and the gap between wealth and poverty is rapidly getting wider and wider. A diminished middle class is the formula for a revolution, and we are headed in that direction really soon in this country. . . .

I'm scared to see what kind of shows my children will watch, I'm scared to enter the job market after graduation, but I'm absolutely terrified of the direction this country is going. "

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