Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bail denied in rape of German woman

Bail denied in rape of German woman - - News on Bail denied in rape of German woman: "A court in Alwar, Rajasthan has denied bail to the man accused of raping a German national in a hotel last week. Bitty Mohanty, an engineering student is the son of a top police officer in Orissa.

The German student said she has been receiving messages on her mobile phone, urging her to drop the case. The messages range from desperate pleas to emotional blackmail.

"U r d only 1 who can save my brother's life, so plz reply back," read a message.

"We really want to meet u, pls try 2 understand, we 2 understand ur plight, plz talk 2 me when I call u, bitti's cousin," says another.

The messages have petered out after the Delhi Police assigned the student a 24-hour bodyguard on Monday evening. Another concern now is that a key witness, a German friend whom the victim called to inform about the rape hours after the incident, has reportedly decided not to testify against Mohanty. The student has been closely following cases like that of Jessica Lall, and says she knows it is never easy to take on the powerful."

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