Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Muslim India struggles to escape

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Muslim India struggles to escape the past: "Prominent individuals belie the poverty of a minority left behind by the 1947 partition

In numbers
Muslims form 14.7% of India's 1.1 billion population but only
3% or less of the Indian army
7% of public administrators
5% of the railways staff
3.5% of the country's banking employees"

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Anonymous said...

so less in the services and still branded as anti nationals and traitors who are trying to divide this country or selling it to pakistan. plz tell me where are the traitors who are selling the country. The only traitors i know are hindus like in the recent navy war room docu. leak case. the names of the people charged by the CBI are as follows (reported by Hindustan Times on April 7 ) KULBHUSHAN PARASHAR, MUKESH BAJAJ, RAJRANI JAISWAL, LT.COMMANDER (RETD)RAVISHANKARAN(NEPHEW OF NAVY CHIEF ARUN PRAKASH), and SAMBHAJEE SURVE(DISMISSED IAF WING COMMANDER). So i ask these so called patriotic people (BAJRANG DAL, SHIV SENA AND THE RSS AND ITS AFFLIATES)why aren't they doing anyting about this.