Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kamal’s stunt double in VV – Logu is no more

Tamil movies : The unsung heroes on the sets of VV and Sivaji: "By now, most of us would have seen Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu, the latest blockbuster starring Kamal Hassan. Those who have seen the movie will for sure remember the hair-raising climax scenes where Kamal chases one of the serial killers on a bike in his Tata Sumo. The chase scene ends with the Sumo taking a giant leap over the bike and landing safely in front of it. The scene has become so popular that Tata Sumo is actually using the scene as an advertisement.
In the movie we all saw Kamal in the driver’s seat. But who performed the leap, if anyone thinks it was Kamal then it is time for that person to get some counseling.

A professional stuntman known in film circles as Logu performed the leap. He has been part of the film industry for many years now. There are no leading heroes in the Tamil industry for whom Logu has not performed as a ‘dupe’. His name is synonymous with daredevilry in the industry. He has worked for almost all the major film industries in India including the Hindi industry. He has performed many stunts that are far more dangerous and risky than the car jump in VV. But fate was cruel.

What was not shown on screen was that on the first attempt the car with Logu in it did not land the way it was planned to. From such heights, even a minor error is enough to let things go haywire. The fall and the resultant shock severely damaged Logu’s spinal cord. Even though he was immediately taken to the Apollo hospital and given emergency treatment he failed to recover. After battling for three months, Logu breathed his last on the 11th of this month.
Kamal & Goutham menon

The last salute

A large number of people from the Cinema Stunt Union paid their homage to this daredevil whom they all looked up to. Gautham Menon, director of VV too paid his respects. Siva the stunt director of VV was present alongside the body of Logu till the last rites were performed. Later, he spoke about Logu, the professional. He said that the stunt performed in VV was quite ordinary by Logu’s standards. He recounted many of the stunts that Logu had performed without fear.

Rajamani, the secretary of the stunt union too had the same opinion. He also added that Logu was very popular among the heroes of Kollywood not only for his skills but also for his friendly nature. Logu is survived by his wife, two daughters and a son who is also a stuntman. The stunt union took care of all the treatment expenses and has paid the family a fair amount as compensation. Kamal who is quite busy with his next project Dasavatharam is yet to issue a statement on the stunt man. Sources say that Kamal was not able to visit ailing Logu in hospital nor take part in the final rituals. This is kind of an unusual gesture from Kamal who is always known to recognize the sincere efforts of his co-workers."

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