Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Environment unfriendly Products

Small crimes against the planet | Ethical living | Guardian Unlimited Environment: "We may be at a green tipping point - but not everyone's got the memo yet. Tim Dowling picks 10 products so ungreen they make him seethe while Ed Pilkington offers five American eco-nasties, and we ask you to send in your own shopping horrors "

Air Wick diffuser
Fairtrade one cup coffee filters
Garden furniture wipes

The Village Press extra virgin olive oil
Health Aid olive oil capsules
Marks & Spencer gastro grill chargrilled Aberdeen Angus beefburger

Plastic lawn mower blades
Fairy power dish brush
Wilkinson Sword Xtreme3 razors

Canderel limited edition dispenser
Underwood devilled ham
Optical wallet light

Bic Luminere candle lighter
Listerine pocket mist

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