Monday, October 23, 2006

Magazines lose numbers, Saras Salil and India Today lead in respective genre

India media news marketing India advertising Indian brands tv media newspapers: "The fate of magazines, as per the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2006 Round 2 isn’t much different than what it was in Round 1 and even competing studies like the National Readership Survey (NRS) 2006 has reflected this trend. Magazines have registered a drop in readership in both surveys.

Looking at the press reach figures here, magazines have dropped both on Average Issue Readership (AIR) and Claimed Readership (CR) – on the former the drop is from 7.3 per cent in Round 1 to 6.4 per cent in Round 2; and on the latter, the drop is from 14.3 per cent to 13.6 per cent.

Language Magazines

Top of the charts in this category is Saras Salil (Hindi) with a readership of 63 lakh, in the previous round, this figure was at 73.61 lakh. Vanitha (Malayalam), on the second spot, has dropped from 35.16 lakh to 33.1 lakh readers. Grihashobha (Hindi) has dropped from 31.93 lakh to 27.7 lakh readers and is on the third slot.

Kungumum takes the fourth position and has dropped from 37.59 lakh readers to 26.3 lakh readers. Kumudam has dropped from 30.71 lakh readers to 25.4 lakh and is the No. 5 player. India Today (Hindi) has dropped from 28.49 lakh readers to 24.4 lakh readers and is on the sixth position. Ananda Vikatan has dropped from 25.5 lakh readers to 23.4 and takes the seventh place.

The eighth position is taken by Meri Saheli, which, too, has registered a dropped from 24.81 lakh readers to 20.9 lakh readers. Cricket Samrat at No. 9 has also dropped from 20.67 lakh readers to 17.2 lakh readers. On the tenth spot is Grehlakshmi with a readership of 16.6 lakh.

English Magazines

India Today is the highest read English magazine despite a drop in number or readers from 35.09 lakh in the last round to 31.4 lakh. Reader’s Digest follows at No. 2 and has dropped from 23.06 lakh readers to 20.5 lakh readers. General Knowledge Today is the third largest in this domain with a readership of 18.2 lakh – in the last round, this was 2.14 lakh readers. Competition Success Review at No. 4 has dipped from 17.3 lakh readers to 14.1 lakh readers. Filmfare, the fifth player in the segment, too, has registered a drop from 16.71 lakh readers to 12.7 lakh readers.

Outlook has dropped from 11.44 lakh readers to 10.9 lakh readers and is at No. 6. Stardust at No. 7 falls from 10.95 lakh readers to 8.8 lakh readers. Wisdom dips from 10.31 lakh to 8.1 lakhs to be at the ninth position, while Diamond Cricket Today has seen a drop from 8.29 lakh readers to 6.2 lakh readers to complete the top 10 list."

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