Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pardon subject to judicial review: SC

Pardon subject to judicial review: SC: "It also ruled that the power of pardon shouldn't just benefit the convict who is pardoned. The effect of the pardon on the family of victims and society as a whole should also be kept in mind.

However, religious and political considerations should not come into play while considering remission of sentences. Wednesday's strong statement by the SC can be read as a message on granting clemency to Mohd Afzal, who has been sentenced to death in the Parliament attack case.

President APJ Abdul Kalam is currently considering Afzal's clemency plea. The SC made the observation while setting aside the remission of sentence granted by former Andhra Pradesh Governor Sushil Kr Shinde to a Congress leader.

The leader was convicted for 10 years in a murder case involving TDP workers but was pardoned after serving only five years in jail.

Political reactions to the apex court's ruling have begun. TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has called for the resignations of Chief Minister Y S R Reddy and Sushil Kumar Shinde, who is presenty the Minister for Power."

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