Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sivaji - Rajni songs unveiled (Shankar)

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Credible sources revealed that Sivaji has 7 songs to its credit. All being pep songs with energetic beats from Rahman, they are sure to propel the movie's music in the top position for a long time.

Out of the seven songs from Sivaji, we have got news about 5 numbers.

Va ji, Va ji, Sivaji…

This could be the opening song of the movie. Though it was decided
earlier not to have Rajini's entry into the movie with an introductory song, Shankar is contemplating with the thought of reinstating one such song. That could be it.

Unpeyar ennada…

As is the rule in Rajini's movies, we presume that this is a philosophical number joining the likes of other famous songs of the same genre, which are quintessential for his movies.

Boom boom jee boom ba …

This most likely is the duet song with Shreya and Rajini in the lead. If that is true Rajini could be seen shaking his legs with Shreya either in the exotic European locations or simply in our neighbouring Karnataka.

Talla dimi takka dimi pucha..pyun pyun enna rastina..ho ra ho yenna
rastina.. hoo haa..

Didn't decipher a word of it, don't you worry or be concerned about the plight of Tamil lyrics in songs. This song is Japanese and will be shot in Japan when the next schedule commences.

Adaal udan pesadha di.. en salangai ku bhadil solladi..

You might wonder what the old Vanjikottai Valiban song is doing in Sivaji's song list. We assume that inspired by the hits the remix of old songs generate, Shankar has decided to embrace one such song. This song could be a climax song or just like the one in Padayappa where Ramyakrishnan challenges Rajini with her dance moves, but with the lead ladies.

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