Saturday, November 04, 2006

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The Telegraph - Calcutta : Jamshedpur

Catching up with klogs & blogs
- Surfers from across the state are making their mark in virtual world and they want to make a difference

Sarsij Nayanam (25), a software engineer from Ranchi currently placed in Bangalore, says, “Though there are few active bloggers in Jharkhand, the count is definitely growing.” He maintains five blogs ( and also formed — a forum which gained popularity during the anti-quota protests.

Nikhil Kumar Verma (21), a student of BIT, Mesra, has been blogging for a year now ( and finds it an appropriate medium to express thoughts. “Blogging gives me unfettered freedom without making any demand on my time,” says Nikhil, who, in one of his recent posts gives tips on how to stay young!

Another anonymous blogger ( says, through this medium one can reach out to a greater audience without spending any money. In his recent post he speaks about his latest accomplishment — his Pulsar 180 running over 50 kilometre per litre.

While our anonymous blogger likes his machines Manish Kumar (33), deputy manager at Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), Ranchi has a blog dedicated to poetry lovers. “I started my blog — Ek shaam mere naam — a destination for poetry lovers ( last year followed by my English ( and Devnagari blog (,” Manish says.

Shailesh Bharatwasi (23), a B. Tech student from Garhwa has been writing Hindi poetry for over four years and has now started publishing them. “I can think easily in Hindi and therefore I used Unicode (an encoding system) to publish my Hindi blog (,” says Shailesh.

Rakesh Kumar (25), a software engineer from Deogarh, agrees with Sarsij’s views. “Jharkhand bloggers could form a strong online community. If one finds roads in a bad condition — take a picture and put it on the blog. Or even local leaders taking bribes — upload a video on the blog. It’s surely going to help,” Rakesh ( pointed out.

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