Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Actress Sindhu is Dead

Music India OnLine - Actress Sindhu is Dead: "Sindhu got introduced in the film 'Inaindha kaigal ' She has been acting both in films and also in Tele serials. She is now dead. She had been going around the streets collecting funds through 'Hundial' for Tsunami Victim. Suddenly she developed some complications and swooned. Immediately she was rushed to the hospital. But she was dead even before she reached the hospital.

Sindhu was married, but got divorced from her first husband. After this, she married the actor Rishi for the second time. She has a daughter aged nine years. Though she didn't made it big in Silver screens, her performance in the films, especially in the film 'Ezhai Jathi' was memorable and will bring tears to the eyes of the audience. Though she is still very young and highly talented, death caught up with her so soon. Her death had left the film world in sorrow. "

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