Wednesday, March 16, 2005

$150,000 pa at IIM-A

Day zero hero: $150,000 pa at IIM-A- The Economic Times: "The celebrations have already begun. More than 45 IIM-Ahmedabad management graduates picked up big-ticket jobs on Day Zero, with the highest salary for a foreign job touching $150,000 a year. Sources said that the highest offer was made by management consultancy firm Booze Allen Hamilton which came to the Vastrapur campus for the first time.

The biggest foreign offer made at IIM-B was $120,000 as compared to $1,00,000 last year. An IIM-Calcutta student has bagged a $1,00,000 a year job.

IIM sources could not comment on the number of offers made by companies such as Mckinsey, AT Kearney, Boston Consultancy Group, Amex, Lehman Brothers, Deutshe Bank and Goldman Sachs, and first timers such as Barckley Capital, BNP Paribas, International Finance Corp (IFC) and the Sun Group. Usually, Day Zero offers are made by foreign investment banks and consultancy firms.

The numbers of acceptances on Day Zero at IIM-A last year was 36, excluding pre-placement offers. The highest offer was $96,000 for an overseas placement. The highest salary offered for a placement within India was Rs 12 lakh.

IIM B the total number of offers made to the students on Day zero was 45 and the acceptances were 40. The acceptance include pre-placement offers made to around 4 students. At IIM-C, on Day Zero, the total number of offers made were in the range of 50's while the acceptance stood at 42.

In terms of salary both at IIM-B and IIM-C saw a jump in their highest pay package in domestic and similar offers in foreign offers this year as against last year. Both at IIM-B and IIM-C the highest salary offered was by a consultancy company and was more than Rs 16 lakh per annum, a clear hike of around Rs 2.5 lakh offered during the last final placement season."

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