Saturday, March 12, 2005

Profile of Nadeem-Shravan Music - Profile of Nadeem-Shravan: "Theirs has easily been the most tumultuous courtship in the Hindi film industry. They have seen it all - fame, fortune, mud-slinging, and finally a phoenix-like triumph. Yet, Nadeem and Shravan have remained a force to reckon with, and their compositions have retained the essence of quality music.

The two got together to compose for small-time films, but hit the big league with the Mithun Chakraborthy starrer Ilaaka. This did not bring them much recognition, and after insipid fare like Hisaab Khoon Ka, their moment of reckoning came when Mahesh Bhatt picked them for Aashiqui. The challenge was daunting - Bhatt was dealing with a new starcast, and the demand was for a fresh score to complement the demands of a love story. The duo had an ace up their sleeve, and came up with a winner of a score. Numbers like Jaane jigar jaane mann and Main duniya bhula doonga redefined film music.

Nadeem-Shravan's flirtation with fame continued, when they encountered double success with Saajan and Sadak. Saajan became a sort of monument in the duo's career, and Sadak reinforced the fact that the two were here to stay. Deewana, Phool Aur Kaante (1992), Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke (1993) and Barsaat (1995) ensured that they kept the flag of their career flying high.

The unique feature of Nadeem-Shravan's music is that is reflects a firm grounding in the basics, but also reflects a penchant for experimentation. Two of their most memorable scores were for Raja Hindustani and Pardes. In fact, it seems like Subhash Ghai extracted the best from the duo for his Pardes, for their brilliance in this film remains truly matchless.

But fame comes with a price attached, and controversy reared its ugly head when Nadeem was suspected in the Gulshan Kumar murder case. This ebbed the flow of productivity a little. But the two were never deterred. In fact, news of Nadeem and Shravan corresponding through the Internet and keeping the flag of their career flying high gained them some new-found respect, and prestigious offers."

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nadeem shravan are the 2 name but when the names we call it sounds 1 name.they r the best duo india ever have.i m a big fan of their melodies.