Friday, March 11, 2005

Serving Crazy With Curry By Amulya Malladi

Book Review - LokVani - Hanneke van Walsem: "Amulya Malladi packs a punch, in Serving crazy with curry, her third novel. Attempted suicide, betrayal, sex, secrets, lies, lovers, marriage and family, are fused together by the innovative South Indian cooking of our heroine Devi Veturi.

Maladi’s previous two novels are A Breath of Fresh Air and The Mango season.

Serving crazy with curry, by Amulya Maladi is available everywhere, at a cover price of $12.95

Amalya Malladi was born September 21, 1974. She worked as online editor for a publishing house in San Francisco, CA, and as a marketing manager for a California software company. She is currently living in Denmark.

(Hanneke is a Lokvani subscriber, Artist, and Ex-Math teacher, living in Acton with her husband and two sons. When not drawing, painting, or reviewing a book, you can find her devouring her friends' Indian cooking. )"

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