Thursday, March 24, 2005

Who says Gemini is dead?

Who says Gemini is dead?: "When Appa was lying in state just before he was to take the final trip into the electric crematorium, he was given a 30-gun salute by the Tamil Nadu police. My only thought at that moment was, Boy, would he love this! That was Appa through and through: He simply loved fuss and celebration. Even during the last few days when he was bedridden and critical, he would clasp my hand tightly and say weakly: 'Scratch my head!' He had to be the centre of attraction.

An elderly man shed tears at Appa's funeral.

I asked him who he was and he said that 30 years ago, Appa found him pumping air in cycles on the road and helped him set up a cycle repair shop of his own.

Gemini Ganesan's contribution to Indian cinema is a very small part of what he gave with great enthusiasm to thousands of people in little affectionate gestures, in compassion, in love, and in friendship.

His reach went far, far beyond the silver screen. He was incorrigible, but was also so child-like and lovable. I tell my mother, I'm sure he is already working his charms on people up there in Heaven! "

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bala
Who posted it? Her son, daughter any idea?

I heard that his son was in the US and could not cremate Gemini...Any idea where his son lives?