Friday, March 31, 2006

New Book on Fascism in Gujarat

PUCL : Message: New Book on Fascism in Gujarat:

Title: Fighting Fascism in Gujarat: Social Activists
Speak Out
By: Yoginder Sikand
ISBN: 81-88869-19-8
Publisher: Global Media Publications
Price Rs 300 (India), Elsewhere US$ 20/-

The victims of the carnage have not got justice as yet, inter-communal relations remain tense and the party that sponsored the violence still remains in power in the state.

This book is a collection of interviews with activists
from Gujarat who are presently working in their own ways to
struggle for justice, democracy and communal harmony in the state. Their work is informed by their diverse ideological persuasions and they come from different backgrounds and communities. Yet, they are unanimous in their insistence that communalism, particularly Hindutva fascism, has to be
seriously resisted and the struggle for social justice
has to be sharpened, and they offer a range of different perspectives on the question of precisely how this must be done.

This book aims at exploring diverse perspectives on the struggle for social justice in Gujarat today in the context of the
deeply entrenched Hindutva lobby. These interviews provide valuable insights into the efforts that scattered groups and individuals in Gujarat today are making to promote inter-communal harmony and to struggle against communalism and fascism that are playing such havoc with peoples' lives, not just in Gujarat but in other parts of India as well.

People whose interviews are included in this book:

Meera and Rafi Shaikh ,
Mukul Sinha ,
Prasad Chacko,
Zakia Jowher
Gagan Sethi,
Sophia Khan,
Hanif Lakdawala,
Ahmad Shaikh,
Afzal Memon,
Shakeel Ahmad,
Vithalbhai Pandya,
Rajesh Solanki
Valjibhai Patel,
Vinay Mahajan and
Cedric Prakash

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Global Media Publications
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Jamia Nagar, Okhla
New Delhi-110025
Tel: 91-11-55666830, 9818327757
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