Friday, June 16, 2006

At Netscape, the bloggers take over

At Netscape, the bloggers take over - Technology - International Herald Tribune: "The new Netscape site is modeled on, a rapidly growing site focused on technology news. Digg users find items that interest them on news sites, blogs or anywhere else on the Web. They submit links to those items along with short descriptions. Other users then vote for the items, and those that generate the most interest are displayed on the site's home page, without the intervention of editors.

Digg has grown to eight million users a month from 30,000 over the past year, according to Jay Adelson, the chief executive. Next week, Digg will introduce a redesign that will allow it to cover a broader range of topics, including world affairs and business, Adelson said.

The new Netscape site, due to be introduced in a preview version Thursday, will also invite users to nominate and vote on articles. And it will have 30 categories, including technology, politics, music, science, religion and one called "Do no evil," dealing with stories about heroes and villains.

Where Netscape goes beyond Digg is that its staff of eight full-time bloggers, called anchors, will add original material to the accounts that are of greatest interest to the audience. In some cases they will post commentary, but often they will gather additional facts or conduct interviews."

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