Thursday, June 15, 2006

Camera. Action. Edit. Now, Await Reviews

Camera. Action. Edit. Now, Await Reviews. - New York Times: "While sites like YouTube and Veoh have lately become popular for allowing users to share their self-produced videos, Jumpcut ( is part of a new class of sites that also offer simple tools for stringing together video clips and then adding soundtracks, titles, transitions and unusual visual effects.

All of the sites, which include Jumpcut, Eyespot, Grouper and VideoEgg, have been introduced within the last year. This summer, they will be joined by another site, Motionbox, based in New York. Mr. Parish-Philp now uses video clips taken with his digital still camera and edited on the Eyespot site ( to provide weekly video updates to his mother in Texas.

Users of Grouper ( must first download a free piece of Windows-only software that works in tandem with the Web site. It permits users to trim and rearrange clips on their computer and upload only the finished product, in compressed form."

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