Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Future of India

The Hindu : Metro Plus Hyderabad / Miscellany : The Future of India

Politics, economics and governance
As recently as a decade ago, the prospect of India becoming a developed country anytime soon seemed a distant possibility. Since then, however, there has been a sea change in our own and the world's perception about our future. Contemporary and topical the volume shows just how a future close enough to be seen need not forever remain elusive to the grasp.

The Future of India; Bimal Jalan; Penguin; Rs. 250

Preserving the raga
This elegy to a vanishing age of musical giants comprises many such shared experiences between performer and audience, between recital and applause. It is about a world receding into the shadows of history, peopled by ustads, pandits, the rich and the famous, the sacred and the profane. The author points to the time when notation crept into classical music, resulting in the preservation of ragas that would otherwise have been lost to time.

The Lost World of Hindustani Music; Kumar Prasad Mukherji; Penguin; Rs. 395

A nostalgic journey
From the riotous seasonal festivities of kite-flying to clandestine love-affairs upon rooftops, from matinee shows at the cinema to twilight hours spent amongst the bejewelled dancing girls of Hira Mandi, Lahore emerges as a city of mesmerising contradictions and chaotic splendour.

Evocative and informative, Lahore is a memoir :: Lahore; Pran Nevile; Penguin; Rs. 250

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