Saturday, June 17, 2006

Tata launches Ace trucks across India

NDTV: "The Tata Ace mini truck launched in May 2005, initially introduced in five states down south, has managed to sell 30,000 units its debut year. Now, Tata has begun launching it across other parts of the country and is also looking at doubling targets for the year 2006-07. So with this the Ace capacity will be doubled to 60,000 units.

Rumour has it that Tata is also looking to manufacturing the Ace in the northern most likely in Uttaranchal. The Ace has created a niche in the market one that was long needed and the experiment has proved Tata right, that a small mini truck or four-wheeler cargo carrier was a missing link the supply chain industry needed.

The truck is functional and small which makes it ideal for crowded cities as a delivery truck. And it is also capable of hitting the highway, something that most three wheelers are not capable of. The Ace can carry a cargo of 750 kg or three fourth of a tonne. Most three-wheelers go only as far as half tonne or 500 kg capacity though there are some that can carry 750 kg too.

The vehicle though is not at all like car to drive but the upside is that it's not like a heavy truck either. The handling is not the greatest so one should not try a sharp turn at high speeds. Of course it top speeds at about 65-70 kmph but it would be nice to have a variant with power steering.

The Ace is priced at Rs 2,46,000 ex showroom in Delhi, which is much more than a three-wheeler. But the advantages of the four wheels are there. Bajaj Auto's Rajiv Bajaj also said its for all to see and nobody will be surprised if one sees Ace-like vehicle from Bajaj next year. "

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