Monday, June 26, 2006

Your Call Is Important to Us. Please Stay Awake

Your Call Is Important to Us. Please Stay Awake. - New York Times: "Two weeks ago, a Comcast repairman in Washington fell asleep in a customer's home. The customer, Brian Finkelstein, a student at Georgetown Law School, took the incident to the Internet. He shot a video of the repairman sacked out in his couch and posted it on The video is one of several recent examples of angered customers taping their interactions with customer service, then putting the experience online.

The clip was picked up by the technology blog Gizmodo and was also shown on Keith Olbermann's program "Countdown" on MSNBC.

Not surprisingly, the video, which Mr. Finkelstein says has been viewed by about 200,000 people, is now causing Comcast to lose sleep. in fairness it is worth noting that the former repairman, who is not identified by name in the video, fell asleep as he tried to get through to the cable company's repair office on the telephone."

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