Friday, July 07, 2006

How Do You Talk to Yourself?

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Coaching Tips for Acknowledging Yourself

Here are some practical, easy ways you can acknowledge yourself.

1. Keep a success journal. Every night write down what you accomplished or completed that day.

2. When people ask, “How are you?” say something like, “Great. I recently . . . (lost 3 pounds, finished my taxes, joined a dating service . . . )”

3. Buy some pre-stamped postcards. When you finish a major job, send yourself a signed card in the mail that reads, “Congratulations on getting the yard cleaned up. Great work!”

4. When you reach a milestone, celebrate it with other people.

5. Start a file called “Reward Ideas.” Collect ideas for large and small ways to celebrate your accomplishments. Then use them! Some starter ideas:

Walk or run with a friend

Have a glass of wine with dinner

Go to a sports event

Take yourself to a movie matinee

Buy yourself a new toy

Take a relaxing bath with music, candles, & bubbles

Make a donation to your Hawaii fund

6. Find a buddy who also wants to get better at this. Have a weekly phone call where you each rave about what you did that week. No other conversation is allowed during this call.

7. Keep an “I DID” list at home and at work. This is the counterpart to your “To Do” list.

8. Take a friend, colleague, or family member out to lunch to mark an accomplishement. Tell them what the occasion is.

9. Make a list of your 25 proudest accomplishments, from any part of your life. Post it where you will see it daily.

10. Acknowledge yourself for finding your way to this list.

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priya said...

At first when I saw your title, I guessed you have tips for first time speech lovers.

Anyway thanks for sharing.

venkks said...

Thanks for the post. In short, create a Postive Enviornment around yourself by sharing positive thoughts!