Saturday, July 15, 2006

Marketers set sights on the never-grow-old 'grups'

Marketers set sights on the never-grow-old 'grups' - Technology - International Herald Tribune: "Meet the "grups." They are in their 30s and 40s, and they act more like 20-somethings, but with plenty more cash. As their ranks swell, advertisers are taking note.

The term "grup" was coined in a New York magazine article, and comes from a "Star Trek" episode featuring a planet run by children trapped in perpetual youth. The children call the crew "grups," short for grown-ups.

Rarely seen in pin-striped suits, grups of either gender can easily be spotted in discreetly branded battered jeans, T-shirts and old-school sneakers, while blasting the latest Raconteurs or Flaming Lips tracks through permanently attached iPods. For this demographic, work-life balance is often more important than a middle management job and company car.

"We are already seeing 60- something men who buy the same clothes, listen to same records, see the same films and browse the Web in exactly the same way as 20-somethings.""

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