Monday, August 07, 2006

HarperCollins offers excerpts of books online

HarperCollins offers excerpts of books online - Technology - International Herald Tribune: "On Thursday, the company introduced a program called Browse Inside on its Web site,, providing readers access to the first three pages of most chapters in 135 titles by 10 authors, including Michael Crichton, Lisa Scottoline, Bernard Cornwell and Paulo Coelho.

HarperCollins has been one of the most aggressive publishing houses in moving into digital publishing. Last year, it said that it would be digitizing all its books. So far, it says it has digitized 10,000 titles, and it plans to do so for the remaining 15,000 on its so-called back list. All its forthcoming books will also be available digitally.

Readers who want to buy the books will be directed to online retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as to the Web sites of independent booksellers like the Tattered Cover in Denver and Copperfield's in Sebastopol, California."

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