Thursday, August 31, 2006

How to be an 'ordinary, decent' muslim

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | How to be an 'ordinary, decent' muslim: "You're a Muslim living in a Britain that has become hyper-sensitive to all hints of Islamist terrorism. So how do you convince people that their prejudiced assumptions about you are wrong? Urmee Khan offers an irreverent insider's guide

1: Don't wear a big coat
2: Don't go on holiday to Pakistan
3: Don't have a beard
4: Don't join groups or clubs
5: Don't wear the veil
6: Don't live in High Wycombe/ Luton/Beeston/Walthamstow
7: Don't be apathetic
8 Don't be a 'community leader'
9: Don't be a successful sportsman/woman
10: Don't draw cartoons

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