Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hyderabad Nawabs stresses on local lingo


In 1996, Hyderabad Blues catapulted a little-known Nagesh Kukunoor into the big league.

A decade later, comes Hyderabad Nawabs that hopes to replicate the success.

The film is typically Hyderabadi in every sense. The characters are ones you would think you could meet in any lane or bylane of the old city area, and the lingo, a mix of Deccani Urdu and Hindi that generates its own brand of humour.

"We say nako for No and the way we say different sentences is quite different to the Hindi spoken in UP.

Language is the same but the accent, because of mixture of Hindi and Urdu, makes it different. People will like it," said D C Srivastava, Actor.

The moviemakers are however disappointed with the response of the distributors in Mumbai, who say the language used in the film is not mainstream Hindi.

"Most of the language used in Hindi films is Mumbaiya slang Hindi. Because no one had bothered to make a movie using Deccani Hindi, it is all-new to people,'' said V Ramakrishna, Writer-Producer, Hyderabad Nawabs.

Hyderabad Nawabs, which will release this Friday, is in fact, following in the footsteps of The Angrez that hit the screen last year and has been a superhit, doing more than 250 days.

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