Monday, August 21, 2006

Readers are the new paparazzi

Readers are the new paparazzi - Technology - International Herald Tribune: "Bild's "Leser-Reporter" feature, introduced during the World Cup, brought its readership daily shots of celebrities, politicians and soccer stars - taken from the cellphone cameras of quick-thinking passers-by. The photos were either uploaded onto the Bild home page or sent as e-mail attachments or multimedia messages to a special number the tabloid set up.

The paper paid €500 to €1,000, or $638 to $1,270, for photos printed in the Reader-Reporter pages, and by the end of the World Cup soccer tournament, as many as 1,000 photos were streaming in daily.

"I'm reminded of George Orwell. The normal citizen is encouraged to watch a fellow citizen," said Schertz, who counts Bild among his most consistent sparring partners.

"This is nice," says Simon. "But where's the news here?""

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