Monday, October 23, 2006

Teach yourself Judology

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Is there really a 'Jewish dimension' to Eurovision, facial hair and Britain's hottest TV cook?: Yes, says Jonny Geller, in an extract from his comic new book - and what's more he can measure it

The calculation

Each category is marked out of 7, the mystical Kabbalistic number

Backlash (or anti-semitic potential) + Impact (on the world)

x J-factor ( or "Jewishness")

= Tzurus (Yiddish for troubles - the default position for world Jewry)

÷ Kabbalah (the mystical number 7)

= the good/not good Judology rating.

If an entry is defined as "not good" it does not necessarily mean that it is bad for the Jews. It is merely not a positive force for them.

What the scores mean

0-7: not good for the Jews

7.1-7.99: borderline, probably not good for the Jews

8-14: good for the Jews

So, for example, in the case of Easter:

Backlash 7 + impact 6.2 x j-factor 3.35 = tzurus 40.87 ÷ kabbalah 7 = 5.84

Therefore, Easter is not good for the Jews

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