Thursday, November 16, 2006

First trade union for IT sector

First trade union for IT sector: "Amidst fanfare, the first-ever trade union in the fast-growing IT sector in West Bengal was launched by CITU, ruling CPM's trade union front, which said it was necessary because of alleged rampant flouting of workers' rights.

The West Bengal Information Technology Association was launched in satellite township of Salt Lake considered the nerve centre of IT industry in the state. Launching the new trade union, CITU state president Shyamal Chakraborty said, "some people may not be happy at this development but this is a historic day before us.''

He alleged a number of IT companies were flouting rules framed by the government, depriving workers of basic rights like PF and ESI. He expressed surprise at the hue and cry over the launch of a trade union in the IT sector. "Every industry has a trade union and since IT is a new industry, it was necessary that a TU should be there also," he said.

Chakraborty dismissed apprehension that forming trade union would lead to strike but at the same time did not rule out such an eventuality if workers' rights were violated. ''Union does not necessarily mean strike. For those who follow rules and settle disputes across the table, there is no need for strike,'' he said.

The CITU leader alleged workers' rights were regularly violated by IT companies and claimed he had a list of at least 30 people whose services were terminated without following proper procedure."

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