Friday, December 08, 2006

E-judiciary and e-lawyering in India: An interview

Blogger News Network » E-judiciary and e-lawyering in India: An interview: "In a recent e-mail interview I was required to give my opinion regarding e-judiciary in India and e-lawyering in India. The purpose of this interview was to ascertain upto what extent the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can be used for a technology friendly legal system in India. This is the updated version of that interview.

The concepts of e-justice[1] in India and e-judiciary[2] in India have already found existence.[3] The same, however, requires an overall overhaul keeping in mind the contemporary needs and standards. Even the President of India has stressed upon the need of a timely e-judiciary base in India.[4] In this background, here are the excerpts of the interview."

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Anonymous said...

E-courts in India is synonymous to the expertise and knowledge of Perry4Law in general and Mr. Praveen Dalal, its Managing Partner, in particular. E-courts cannot be equated with mere computerisation but a real and effective use of information technology by the courts. Presently India is engaged in mere computerisation of traditional court processes. That is making the things worst. What good a judge or public prosecutor can do with a computer if he is neither aware nor capable of using the same? Even if the judges and lawyers are capable of using their computers, it would do no good to Indian e-court project. The fact remains that till e-courts experts like Praveen Dalal are actively consulted and engaged by the government of India and e-court committee, nothing is going to change in India.