Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tamil bloggers’ war reaches a watershed -

Tamil bloggers’ war reaches a watershed - If ever the power of the internet was in doubt, here’s proof.

A Malaysia-based Tamil blogger forced a Tamilian out of his adopted city of Bangalore by allegedly creating a false identity and posting anti-Kannada comments in Orkut. And he used the raging Hogenakkal dispute for maximum impact.

Software Engineer A Ravindran on Tuesday filed a complaint against Murthy, the Malaysia-based blogger, with Chennai Police’s cyber cell.

He said that he had to flee Bangalore five days back after he received threatening calls from Kannada activists. On a single day, he received more than 200 calls after Murthy made entries in Orkut’s Kannada community, launching a broadside against them in his (Ravindran’s) name.

Murthy allegedly also posted Ravindran’s name, address and phone number and photograph in the fake profile.

Murthy had earlier started a blog ( — Ravindran’s blog is— with Ravindran’s address and photo and posted pornographic writings on it, just to defame him.

The enmity between Ravindran and Murthy goes back a long time in the cyber world. Murthy, who himself runs two blogs, found Ravindran’s posts — which range from poems, jokes and his opinion on Tamil literary works — not to his liking.

Murthy allegedly got in touch with Ravindran and gave him a piece of his mind. He also wanted Ravindran to alter his line of thought.

Ravindran refused to budge leading to the cyber war and leaving Ravindran without the city he used to call home.

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