Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Obama seeks delegate majority in Ore., Ky. primaries - Yahoo! News

Obama seeks delegate majority in Ore., Ky. primaries - Yahoo! News: "_Obama was 17 delegates short of reaching a majority of the 3,253 pledged delegates available in all state contests.

_Oregon offered 52 delegates; Kentucky had 51.

_Counting aligned superdelegates as well, Obama had a total of 1,915 and Clinton had 1,721, according to the latest Associated Press count. That placed Obama just more than 100 delegates short of the 2,026 needed to clinch the nomination.

Obama sought Monday to exploit McCain's ties to lobbyists, drawing a contrast between the Arizona senator's reputation as a reformer and his relationship to special interests in his campaign.

McCain recently adopted conflict-of-interest guidelines that led to the departures of several campaign aides due to their links to lobbyists.

Although Obama doesn't take money from federal lobbyists and political action committees, he does accept cash from state lobbyists and corporate executives interested in issues before Congress. He has had unpaid advisers with federal lobbying clients, and some of his campaign officials were lobbyists before.

Puerto Rico, with 55 delegates, holds its primary June 1. Montana has 16 delegates and South Dakota, 15. "

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