Tuesday, March 07, 2006

No action taken against militant

IBNLive : Narendra Nag's Blog: "A Kashmiri militant was caught in Varanasi a few months ago .. but no action was taken at the time. Intelligence sources have also told SIT chief V K Shashikumar as well as Crime Bureau Chief Shiv Pujan Jha that information about such an attack was conveyed to the state government more than a month ago.

blast in the Sankatmochan temple ... it seems that the temple doors have been used as stretchers. Salman Khurshid has called this an act of people with sick minds.

Criminals are partying in UP

Raj Babbar, filmstar and expelled leader of the SP says that UP has a huge law and order problem with criminals ruling the roost. Babbar was expelled from the Samajwadi Party for saying the same.

Uma Bharti says the government is primarily responsible for not controlling certain people. When asked who, she names Muktar Ansari ... calling him an "unsocial element."

Ravi Nath on the other hand had an interestingly hawkish comment on Pakistani foriegn policy:
When Pakistan looses favours from USA, it always escalates terrorism in India.

Twenty terrorists may have crossed over from Nepal, according to the intelligence agencies. A section of that 20 had made their way to Uttar Pradesh. What we know for sure: Mixed group of terrorists from LET and Jaish crossed over from Nepal."

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