Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spam Fighter Is Overzealous but Can Learn

A Spam Fighter Is Overzealous but Can Learn - New York Times: "you can opt into a "challenge-response" program like KnockKnock or QuarantineMail. These services deliver no mail to you until each sender takes a little test to prove that he or she is human. It's a hassle for your correspondents, and it may block good stuff like newsletters.

the Spam Cube ( It's a physical gadget, a plastic cube four inches on a side, available in white, black, silver, pink or yellow. It's one of the first anti-spam hardware appliances for individuals — and the only one that requires no monthly fee. You buy the Spam Cube for $150, and that's the end of it.

You install the Spam Cube between your Internet box (cable modem or D.S.L.) and your router or computer. There it sits, intercepting every piece of incoming mail and comparing it, in fractions of a second, with a vast, constantly evolving database of spam knowledge on the Spam Cube computers. Messages it believes to be spam arrive in your in-box with [SPAM] at the beginning of the subject line. You can then delete those messages or bunch them together, either by sorting alphabetically or by setting up a "message rule" that automatically files them into a folder of their own.

you have to pay $52 a year to gain the antivirus and anti-phishing features;"

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