Thursday, October 19, 2006

PM himself a middleman in Govt for Sonia

PM himself a middleman in Govt for Sonia:

Tainted election winners, scam experts are politician middlemen

In an interview Nakeeran Gopal says: “Veerappan did bury precious treasures at several locations inside the Satyamangalam forest but it was neither money nor jewellery…..They were buried in 50-100 locations. At each place, there would be 50 kg rice, sugar, mirchi powder, salt, candle, and matchstick, carefully hidden, so that when a gang member is fleeing, he does not starve. There is no other treasure I know of," In the same way politicians bury so many locations their middlemen criminals, terrorists, naxalites, insurgents, separatists, tainted winner in elections, scam experts etc., so whenever election is coming, their party, candidates and supporters not feel shortage.

Can PM block Sonia Gandhi for taking kickbacks?

The Prime Minister recently suggested that presence of agents in defense deals was unavoidable but their role could be regulated. Scam Events forced him to say like that. Though he is a PM but how he can block Sonia Gandhi taking kickbacks? There was a Quattrocchi in Bofors, Abhishek Verma in War Room Leakage, Natwar Singh in Oil for Food, Sharad Pawar in Wheat import through AWB ltd. and so many other middlemen of scams. Can in India any mighty authority give result of the scams in which politicians are involved?

By Premendra Agrawal

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