Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The New Influencers blogging survey

The New Influencers blogging survey

* In general, which factors most often influence your decision to post a new blog entry? Please select all that apply.

Article or story in mainstream media
Something you read or saw on another blog
Follow-up to post or comment on your own blog
Personal experience or observation
Press release or other business communication
Journal or diary entry
Personal note-taking or reminder

* What are the most important reasons that you blog? Please select all that apply.

Benefit my employer
Career advancement
Connect with people with similar interests
Influence market or discussion of a topic
Influence public policy or political debate
It just feels good
Keep in touch with family/friends
Keep track of thoughts/observations
Keep up to date professionally
Make money through advertising/affiliate programs

In which ways do you derive income from your blog?

Affiliate commissions (e.g., Commission Junction)
Google AdSense
Other contextual advertising
Paid writing assignments
Product sales
I don't derive income from blogging

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Jammu said...

Very cool stuff!