Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Small is beautiful

The Hindu : Metro Plus Delhi / Cinema : Small is beautiful: " A new mini theatre in the premises of the good old Delite cinema hall at Old Delhi's Asaf Ali Road is promising. Spread across 2000 square feet, this mini theatre will see the light of the day early August.

"I have kept the seating capacity to only 146 to avoid a bigger crowd and hence greater management. Moreover, cinemagoers will also have a choice of viewing two different films in the same theatre, same as they experience in multiplexes. That way, it will be like a mini cineplex in Old Delhi," says Raizada. "Its ticket will be priced at Rs.100 per person only," divulges Raizada, reasoning, "Even my balcony at Delite cinema is priced at Rs.80 and the front stall is for Rs.25. "

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