Sunday, July 09, 2006

Web site to offer money for video

Web site to offer money for popular video clips - Technology - International Herald Tribune: " If creators of homemade Internet video get tired of producing something for nothing, they can post their work on

The Web site, which lets people upload and watch video clips, said last week that it would begin charging a $14.95 monthly fee for a "pro" account and putting 80 percent of that money into a special fund. Each month the money will be distributed among the video creators, with the biggest share going to the person who attracted the most viewers.

YouTube, the most popular of the genre, has a deal with NBC to promote its new television shows on a special section of the site. will share 50 percent of its advertising revenue with those who post videos there.

Lulu Enterprises also runs a print-on- demand bookstore,, that pays 80 percent royalties to authors after they pay a binding fee and small per-page charge. Authors are responsible for their own editing and publicity."

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